As vegetable prices soar, demand increases for greens

As vegetable prices soar, demand increases for greens

A woman selling greens grown in the area. dh photo

However, the trend has proven profitably to one section of the population. These are the rural women, who are collecting various wild varieties of naturally-grown greens, and are making a livelihood out of this.

With the unpredictability of the rains and irregular power supply, many farmers have given up investing on growing vegetables and greens on large tracts of land. This has led to a serious shortage of supply of vegetables in the markets, which has in turn led to increase in prices. Not a single vegetable is sold at below Rs 20 a kilogram now.

The prices are no different when compared to greens. A bunch of amaranth greens, which used to cost anywhere between Rs 3 to 4, now costs Rs 10 to 12. Even if one is willing to pay as much, the quality of these greens does not leave room for much choice, say consumers.

Given this situation, rural women roaming around fields collecting naturally-grown greens and selling them in the markets is now a common sight. Traders, who buy greens for wholesale from villagers and sell it for a higher place in cities, are also depending on these women. This has led to an increase in demand and price for these naturally growing greens.