Dudhwa tigers facing a different danger

Dudhwa tigers facing a different danger

According to wildlife experts, the Suheli, Mohna and Nagraul rivers, which used to be the lifeline of the park, have now been threatening its very existence. The rivers, which are full of silt, overflow their banks for over five to six months now during the rainy season as a result a large area of the park remains inundated for months together.

Deputy Director of the park P P Singh says the trees of the park are threatened by the waters, while the quality of the grass is also suffering in the plains of the park.
 The Sal forests are being replaced by the “Jamun” trees, Singh said.

Former UP wildlife Director Ram Lakhan Singh said earlier the flood waters used to remain in the forests for only two to three months.

“The stags used to leave the park for the nearby cane fields from August to September and they were followed by the tigers,” he said.

“Now that the flood waters remain there for a longer time, the stay of the animals in the cane fields is also longer resulting in clash with people,” he added.