Owing to water woes, residents resort to sinking borewells

Tankers cater to apartment complexes and regular customers first

Mysore city which is experiencing a hot summer is also experiencing the consequences of failed monsoon. Day by day, water is becoming a scarce resource.

While some parts of the city are not affected badly despite unscheduled water supply, reduced flow in water supply are indications that water is trickling through the pipelines.
Residents, uncertain of the arrival of tap water have resorted to digging of borewells in their houses, and the trend is growing at an alarming pace.

V V Mohalla, a locality with more than 80 years of history, is one among the most affected area, where people complain of not receiving water for the last 20 days. The area has been facing shortage in supply of water for the last three years.

The area which was once known as ‘paradise’, with 24 hours running water, is now in crisis. Houses in the area didn’t even have water storage tanks, but now the residents are in dire need of them.

The locality also has prominent landmarks like Kalidasa Road, Venkateshwara Temple and others.

Sinking borewells

More than four borewells have been dug in the last month in just this single stretch of road which has nearly 80 houses. In all, over 10 borewells have been dug up in the last three to four months in this locality. Reson for this is the heavy demand for supply of water through tankers. Residents complain that an order has to be placed a week in advance.

While some blame the increase in number of apartments, some doubt the “unscientific” water pipeline connections. The residents want the authorities concerned to examine the blue print of the city’s water pipeline and remedy the problem.

Srinivas of ‘Ambha Bhavan’, the oldest house on the road (built during 1920s), speaking to Deccan Herald, recollected the days when the area was spared of any drinking water problem. He said that many residents have spent a lot of money, merely on repairs of the line. “There are problems aplenty. The plumbers however are profiting heavily from this,” he added. Notwithstanding the problem, Srinivas got a borewell dug in his house 15 days ago.

Anasuya Krishnaprasad, a former bank employee, who has been residing in the area for the last 11 years, got a borewell dug in her house a month ago. “We are answerable to the tenants,” she added.

Sudha, who is residing as a tenant in a 70 year old house for the last three years, runs a food joint in the same house. The lack of water supply has hit her business hard she says. “I had to turn back my customers a couple of times.” She however heaved a sigh of relief when her landlord sinked a borewell dug recently.

Tenant issues

For Arathi, the problem is different. The ground floor of her house has remained vacant for the last two months. She said that in the last five months alone, three tenants have vacated her house. “All of them moved out due to water problem. Since supply of water through tankers is irregular, it seems like there’s no solution to this problem,” she rued.

Managements of apartment complexes who do not want to face the wrath of the residents make sure that they book the tankers regularly. A big apartment requires at least three tanker load of water every day.

A proprietor of water supply company, said that he does not get more than two tankers from Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW). He fills another three tankers from borewell water. “I give priority to to regular customers,” he said.

Nearly 70 tankers supply water in the city. About 10 of them get water from VVWW, while othersdepend on borewells.

Rathnamma and Sujatha, residents of Paapanna Layout, Yaranahalli ward are eagerly waiting for electricity. “Areadalli currente illa anda mele, neeru ellinda baratthe? (When there’s no power in the area, how can we expect supply of water?),” questions Rathnamma. They have been receiving water once every three days for the last four to five weeks.

The layout, which has more than 80 houses has to depend on a single borewell. “We have both JUSCO and VVWW water supply lines here. But, there is no water,” says Mahadev, a resident.

About three kilometres from Paapannana Layout is Paalya, near Raghavendra Nagar. Kavitha along with her two year old daughter waits in front of her house, hoping that water will be supplied soon. She says that water is being supplied only for half an hour everyday day since the first week of March.

According to the residents of police quarters in Jyothi Nagar, they are supplied with water daily.

“But looking at the conditions of other parts of the city like Siddharatha Layout which has been affected by water crisis, we do not know when our area too might get hit,” Sumayya, a resident said.

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