You must read this poem

You must read this poem

Follow the Gleam

....ere it vanishes,
over the margin,
After it, follow it, Follow the Gleam
Alfred, Lord Tennison
 The Gleam could be anything that draws us to it sturdily and without fail - a book, a flower, gardening, photography, poetry, writing, a pet, or anything! It is something vital, a dream or a wish, always pulling us towards it, and we must respond by going to it, no matter how much hard work it demands!


Butterfly, oh! Cute butterfly
Where do you fly so low in the sky?
Fluttering your wings
Don't you even impress the kings?
Sweet nectar you fly and drink
And your colour is pink
You hum as you flutter and go
And fly above the rivers which flow!
With your friends you fly around
Above the heavenly ground
Children really like to see and catch you
With your wings so yellow and blue!
You are so very beautiful
With your wings so cute and colourful
Hope you come and meet me
And we both can play with glee!!

Prakruthi Harihar
VII std 'D' sec
S.K.C.H (CBSE), Bangalore