Greet the right way

Here are some tips to increase the value of greeting cards which you send to your loved ones.
n Buy the cards from an authentic company and make sure the envelope matches the card inside.

* Make sure the message in the card is appropriate to the occasion.
* Don’t send the same cards which you have sent last year.
* If you are wishing the whole family, don’t forget to mention the names of all the members.
* The wordings should reveal your love and intimacy and the one who receives it should feel he or she is special to you.
* Make it attractive and decorative by artistic pictures, applying your creativity.
* Add your signature or a hand-written message to show your closeness.
* Don’t apply too much glue on the envelope, it may stick to the greeting card and could be troublesome to open.
*  Flash-based cards can be sent by email and many social sites, such as Facebook, enable you to send greetings.

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