The making of 'Tamassu'

The making of 'Tamassu'

The press conference, for the launch of Tamassu, began with Agni Sridhar introducing the film, “I was happy writing stories for my films. But today, even I am a director”... The wonder in Sridhar's voice refused to leave.

Sridhar has pegged the movie around the theme of violence. He has used conflict in one's mind over the use of violence to contain violence as the theme in Tamassu. "During the Gujarat riots, a Muslim youth goes to a Hindu household, plotting to eliminate the entire family. But he is forced to take shelter with the same family... I heard this story from the lady of the household," says Sridhar and adds that this story is also incorporated into Tamassu.

Shivanna plays an angry cop who believes it is necessary to use violence to contain the violence and cruelty in society, whether it violence of the terrorists or a state-sponsored one. He has conditioned himself likewise. He is also aware on a personal level that violence as a tool is not appropriate. However, his fiancee (played by Padmapriya) believes that violence, having a historical justification is false, and she is all for a peaceful solution. She tries to convince the cop of her ways and the ensuing conflict in the cop's mind is what the movie is all about.

While Sridhar explained the story and its backdrop, Padmapriya said that it was indeed a different role that the story really excited her. Shivanna was all praises for Agni Sridhar and his experience in film making. Speaking about his character, Shivanna says that his role was one that conflicted between one’s sense of duty and the inner turmoil.

Sridhar has roped in Sharat Lohitashwa to play a Muslim while Asif will play, perhaps, for the last time, a stereotypical Muslim police officer. The highlight of the interaction was the shy Sundarnath Suvarna, who is the cameraman for this film.
     Describing Tamassu as a story of the entire world, Suvarna disclosed that his work would involve a lot of time with lighting adjustments. The others present at the conference were Chaitanya Karehalli, Sumana Kittur and actor Jai Jagadish, who moved around mixed with the crowd and merrily posed for pictures as well.