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tv talk

Fighting against false accusations

Catch Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon on May 9 at 8.30 pm on Colors. In tonight’s episode, Sultan leaves for the party and Madhu is in tears because of the allegations made against her.

RK accuses her of cheating on him and believes that she wanted to kill him with Sultan’s help. Madhu insists that she wasn’t behind the text message since she didn’t have her phone with her. Suddenly, she remembers Dipali colliding with her just before her phone went missing. RK questions Dipali and she gets nervous. Tune in to the show to find out what happens next.

Scientific inventions of no use

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ is an animated film, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The film is about Flint, who would like to believe that he is a scientific genius.

But the things that he has invented so far remain of no use to anyone. His father insists that Flint should give up his worthless profession but Flint does not want to listen. Flint tries to save his community when they are faced with an economic crisis by inventing a machine that can convert water to food.

Watch the disastrous turn of events as one more of Flint’s inventions fails. The film
airs on Star Movies at 6.08 pm on May 9.

On the run from zombies

Night of the Comet’ stars Robert Beltran, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Sharon Farrell, Mary Woronov and Peter Fox. A huge comet passes near the earth, vaporising nearly the whole planet.

Only a few teenagers, who were inside a steel movie projection booth, survive — all those outside were turned to dust.

But a few partially-exposed people are now hideous, blood-thirsty zombies and they begin a deadly hunt for the last remaining humans. Tune in to the flick on MGM at 9 pm on May 9.

Sheltered from reality

Surrogates’ airs on Zee Studio at 6.30 pm on May 9. The film is set in the future, when people are living safely and remotely and experience everything through their robotic surrogates.

Life is ideal with no crime, pain or fear. When a murder occurs to jolt this utopian lifestyle, it is up to FBI Agent Tom Greer to step out of his own surrogate and take on the enemies. The film stars Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike, Boris Kodjoe and Jack Noseworthy.

A mysterious box with secrets

In ‘The Possession’ Emily — the teenage daughter of basketball coach Clyde
and his wife Stephanie, who are divorced — comes across an interesting find at a yard sale: an antique carved box that she soon becomes obsessed with.

Em finds the hidden lock and opens it, releasing an evil spirit that possesses

Soon, Clyde discovers that Em has a problem, but his annoying ex-wife and
her boyfriend Brett do not pay attention to him and get a restraining order against him instead.

Clyde seeks out Professor McMannis and when he sees the box, he explains that it is a Dibbuk Box, with a friend trapped inside.

He also explains that the box should not be opened; otherwise the person will be possessed by the spirit.

Clyde travels to a Jewish community in New York and the rabbi’s son Tzadok returns with him, expecting to exorcise Em to save the girl.

Watch the film on Sony Pix at 11.15 pm on May 9 to find out whether he manages to do this.

After a special key

Watch ‘Hugo’ on May 9 at 11.20 pm on HBO. Hugo, an orphan who lives in a railway station in Paris, is in search of a special key that will open a treasure of secret mysteries. His normal life involves changing the station’s clocks in his uncle’s absence. He scrounges food from the vendors and steals mechanical parts from the owner of a toy shop, Georges Melies. In fact, Hugo’s father was a watchmaker and he has inherited his father’s talents for all things mechanical. Years before, Hugo’s father found an intricate mechanical man, but they could never figure out how it worked. Hugo befriends Melies’ ward, Isabelle, and together they have an adventure — one that centers around Melies himself. The movie stars Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Asa Butterfield, Chloe Grace Moretz and Ray Winstone.

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