Journeying through streets of Paris

Journeying through streets of Paris

Two well-known artists Kirtana Kumar and Konark Reddy entertained the crowd with One Night in Paris, a combination of music, lyrics and drama thrown in for good measure.

Described as a sketch about Paris, Jim Morrison and a strange voice, it was, in fact, a short and intriguing sketch drenched with strong flavours of the most romantic city in the world, Jim Morrison and a contemporary feel of urban India in the present day and age.

While clips of Paris played in the background reflecting images of Bolangeries and Metro signs, landmarks and lovely old cathedrals, the talented duo kept the appreciative crowd that was packed into the place rivetted with their performance.
      Clad in a black and gold saree, Kirtana was accompanied by Konark on the guitar and took the gathering on an intriguing trip to Paris through the mind of a mysterious sensual Indian woman.

      All the elements of a suspenseful, illicit yet romantic tryst were referred to — a stranger in a trench coat, Jim Morrison’s grave at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Eastern Paris, which is one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions, (the American rock star died mysteriously in a Paris bathtub in 1971 and was buried in Paris), the stone gargoyles on the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre with its white pastry-like architecture and great views over Paris.

    The sexy protagonist played by Kirtana is handed a long-stemmed red rose by the guitar player and goes on a wild imaginative ride through the dark side of the city discovering its streets and their secrets, while simultaneously cooking dinner at home with ‘onions and brinjals’ for her flatmate/companion/husband.
     All the while she is trying to unsuccessfully silence the mundane voices in her head while making eye contact with a stranger in a trenchcoat.
Konark added to the mood of the piece and the moment.