From catwalking to talent hunting

From catwalking to talent hunting

But the audience’s rarely got to see her on screen, with an exception of movies like Dil Vil Pyar Vyar and My Brother Nikhil.

After her stint on Fear Factor last year, she is back on small screen with MTV’s Making The Cut, where she is one of the judges.
   The show is a talent hunt for models and designers. She tells Metrolife on how she loves being a judge, as much as she loves acting and walking the ramp.
     “We are a panel of three judges,” she says. “I am also a mentor to the models. I have had one-on-one session with them and as episodes go by, I will be having more such sessions.”

This is the first time Dipannita is judging a reality show. “I have judged local pageants and beauty pageants in the North East,” says the girl from Assam. “But judging a reality show is very different and I am getting a bit emotionally involved with the whole show. The eliminations are tough for me,” she laughs. She is full of praises for the participants.
   “They are really talented and give their best. They are young, spirited and good looking with great bodies.”
Is the show an Indian version of America’s Next Supermodel and Project Runway? “Since the show is the first of its kinds in India, comparisons are bound to arise. But it is different as it’s very India-centric and keeps the Indian sensibilities in mind.”
Dipannita loves being a judge. “But at some level, you also have to be a little detached and objective, and not think of how some one is feeling. I guess I need some practice in that,” she laughs.

With her stints on Fear Factor, and now Making The Cut, can one say that the reality bug has bitten her?
    “Fear Factor was different, as I was a participant there. I was probably in place of the 16 models, who have taken part in this show,” she quips. “It had no extra drama, just the stunts.” But Dipannita admits that she will never participate in a reality show again.How about movies? Will we see her on screen again?
    “Meetings are on, sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t,” she answers.

     “But movies are not hard and fast for me, as I enjoy doing fashion and ad campaigns as well,” says the lady, who was busy with the Couture Week and also shot for a soft drink commercial underwater.
She has come to Bangalore for many fashion shows.
    “The weather is so lovely. The moment I arrived here, I felt a nip in the air which was so wonderful. I haven’t experienced that anywhere else. And I just love South Indian food,” she smiles.
Being a mentor for up-and-coming models, what advice does she have for them? “Be yourself,” she advices.

    “Don’t have a false attitude because when you are on stage, you are very transparent and people can sense it.”
    And what’s the lady’s style statement? She merely laughs, “I have often been asked that question but I still get a little lost answering it.”