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Pushed into a corner

In ‘American Ninja’, Joe Armstrong (played by Michael Dudikoff) is a drifter who worships martial arts and is interested in little else. A judge sends him to an Army Base in The Philippines as punishment. On a mission driving a convoy, a group of rebels attack his platoon, try to steal the weapons and kidnap Patricia (essayed by Judie Aronson), the base colonel’s daughter.

Joe rescues Patricia and takes her back to the base but the rest of the soldiers are killed. His superiors decide that Joe is a coward and incompetent to boot. In the meantime, the rebel leader sends an army of ninjas to kill Joe and kidnap Patricia. Will Joe’s martial art skills come to his rescue? Catch the film on WB at 5.31 pm on May 10 to find out.

With man’s best friend

Tune in to ‘Turner & Hooch’ on Zee Studio at 8.25 pm on May 10. Scott Turner is a police detective who is to be transferred in three days’ time. But suddenly, Amos Reed is murdered and Scott requests an extension of his services in the same department so as to investigate the murder.

He also acquires Reed’s dog Hooch, to help him with the case. The neat policeman is in for a shock when Hooch messes up his house. But Hooch also helps him meet the woman of his life, veterinarian Emily Carson. The movie stars Tom Hanks, Mare Winningham, Craig T Nelson, Reginald Vel Johnson and J C Quinn.

First flush of love

Watch ‘Man in the Moon’ on MGM at 9 pm on May 10. This heartwarming coming-of-age film, set in the 1950s, stars Reese Witherspoon as a 14-year-old girl who gets her first difficult lesson in love. Directed by Robert Mulligan, it also stars Sam Waterston, Tess Harper, Jason London, Emily Warfield and Ernie Lively.

Complex web of lies

In ‘Wild Things: Diamond in the Rough’, Marie Clifton (played by Sarah Laine), a rich arrogant girl, lives a life of luxury. On her 18th birthday, she will inherit her late mother’s vast fortune and a pair of diamonds that cost four million dollars.

But his stepfather Jay (essayed by Brad Johnson) refuses to give her those diamonds. Meanwhile, one of her classmates, the local bad girl Elena Sandoval (portrayed by Sandra McCoy) accuses Jay of raping her.

The police force starts investigating the case and soon, finds that the case is not as simple as it seems to be. Tune in to the movie on Sony Pix at 11 pm on May 10 to find out what happens next.

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