Adding ripples to your interiors


The sound of flowing water is actually considered therapeutic and relaxing. One actually feels the urge to pause and sit besides a rivulet or a spring to calm one’s nerves.

Since the mountain springs cannot be transported to the City, there are alternates being offered bring relax your mind and body.

With stress levels going up everyday, incorporating a water fountain right inside the home sounds like a fantastic idea! But the trouble is to how to zero in on a water fountain that neither occupies too much space inside the already cramped homes nor causes maintenance problems and is yet a highlight in your home.

Available in a variety of styles for the home or backyard, water fountains are not just soothing to the eyes but also provide cooling inside the home. “It is ideal that these be placed in a common area or the largest place inside the home like the lobby entrance,” suggests Surbhi Gupta, interior designer adding that, “the sound of a water fountain makes the person cool down emotionally.” Which is a major reason why Delhiites are opting for water fountains inside their homes and work spaces too.

“Just recently, we installed a wall fountain in an office with a Buddha in the centre a and rocky structure around it,” shares Aarti Varma, an interior designer suggesting that, “preferences can change according to budgets and the space available. There is a huge variety available but something that is light and portable where plumbing is fine and a facility of soft light is available, would work in almost any home.”

So, even tabletop or bamboo fountains will work. “Small table top fountains of ceramic with attached motors can be put on a beautiful stand and one can listen to its soothing sounds,” says Punam Kalra, Creative Director of I’ M Center for Applied Arts. 

She suggests that if a house is getting made right from the scratch then a “double height area with natural light from ceiling can be created with a cascade effect on the entire wall.” Only beware of ending up with leakage problems. 

However, contrary to popular belief that water fountains work for only summer months in Indian weather, Punam says that, “if the fountain is not the prominent feature then it will not create humidity problems as homes today are properly air conditioned. Also, the water fountains should be run at a time when they are visible and
not all day.” 

A water fountain should be the neutral element of the interior remember to recycle the water!

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