Traditional Tok Sen healing

Traditional Tok Sen healing

“Metta” (Loving kindness), when shared with fellow beings, can create harmony and balance within and around us. One of the practices which give meaning to the word “Metta” is “Thai yoga bodywork”, where the practitioner and the recipient are in meditative state. This profound healing art unifies elements of yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, acupressure and ayurveda.

Originated in India around 2500 years ago, ‘Thai yoga bodywork’ was developed by Jivakakumarabaccha, a yogi, physician and a mystic. The art is closely connected with the teachings of the Buddha. It was originally taught and passed on through Buddhist temples. As Buddha and his teachings migrated to other parts of Asia, Thai yoga bodywork also migrated and gained popularity in Thailand. Hence the prefixed name “Thai”.

A disturbance in energy flow results in insufficient supply of prana, which in turn manifests as ill health. “Thai yoga massage” and “TokSen” are means to break down blockages, stimulate free flow of prana and restore general well-being. There are many positions in this therapy that is considered yoga asanas.

TokSen is a combination of two words, “Tok” means the sacred sound produced by tapping the wooden wedge with the mallet and “Sen” means the energy lines of the body. This is an ancient healing art (around 5000 years old) used by the people of northern Thailand.

 It is a rhythmic method of tapping using a special wooden hammer and wedge combined with Thai acu-points that creates a healing vibration working deeply through the muscles in the body. It is an energetic healing modality, and is still practiced in the country areas, where farmers receive Tok Sen from family members after working in the fields all day.

The tradition is only taught orally. There are no books describing it and it has passed down through farming families. The wooden mallet and wedge are generally made from the bark of the tamarind tree. Toksen works on the energy lines of the body, with several benefits. It relieves physical aches and pains, removes energy blockages, improves blood circulation, provides relaxation, boosts immune system, increases flexibility in the muscles, increases mobility, improves athletic performance, helps in toning the body, raises the energy levels and stamina, helps the mind to be clear and calm, increases concentration and creativity, and relieves stress and anxiety.

( The writer is a certified Thai Yoga and TokSen practitioner)

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