Water level depleting alarmingly in KRS reservoir

Water level depleting alarmingly in KRS reservoir

'Install necessary machinery to pump water directly from reservoir'

In the wake of pervading water crisis in the city, a demand to install pumps with a capacity to draw water directly from Krishnarajasagar (KRS) reservoir has been put forth by the Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM).

He was presenting the problem at a meeting held at Institution of Engineers (India), here on Saturday.

Noting that a boulder, which inhibited the flow of water from the reservoir, was cleared recently, convenor of ACICM M Lakshmana said, that removing the boulder would only allow water to flow into the nearby canal till the water level dips to 62 feet in the reservoir.

“Once the water level reaches that point, water has to be pumped from it to Hongalli pumping station, to fulfill the water demands of the city,” he said.

However, lack of necessary machinery to pump water at the reservoir is a cause for concern, he said.

He demanded the district administration and Mysore City Corporation (MCC) to inform the public on the actions taken to provide water to the city.

Seven pumping stations used to provide water for Mysore have a maximum capacity to supply 302.5 MLD (million litre per day) of water. However, due to various factors, the city is receiving only 125 MLD of water or less, he said.

Reduced flow in rivers and farmers tapping water from pumping stations for crops has reduced the availability of water for the city, he said.

Farmers should be urged to abandon their crops and be duly compensated so that water can be used only for drinking purpose in the city, he said.

He urged the MCC to stop all construction activity under its limits, owing to water crisis. Construction activities should be postponed until the onset of monsoons, he added.


Owing to acute shortage of water in the city, several steps have been proposed by Mysore Grahaka Parishath and its associates for water conservation and its judicious use.

They are:

* Don’t wash your driveway and areas outside your gate; dry sweeping is as effective in keeping it clean

* Don’t wash your car or two-wheeler with a hose; one bucket of water and a mug is enough to make your vehicle shine

* Don’t water lawns and gardens every day; once in three days is adequate to keep the plants alive until the rains start

* Don’t neglect leaking taps and overflowing sumps or water tanks

* Don’t empty out sumps and tanks for cleaning until the rains begin

* Don’t empty out stored water to fill ‘fresh’ water; all water is ‘old’ because it was stored somewhere else.


* Bathe with as little water as possible

* Close the tap as soon as a bucket or vessel is filled, to avoid overflow

* Repair taps to prevent leaking. Keep the ball valve in good condition to prevent overhead tank from overflowing

* Repair or replace float valves in sumps and tanks

* Instruct your domestic servant on how to conserve water, and ensure it is done

* Try to influence friends and neighbours to conserve water

* For drawing rangoli, it is enough to wipe floor with a wet cloth or sprinkle a little water with a mug

* Use, if possible, water used for washing utensils or clothes to water plants.

* Inform VVWW if there is any leakage in public pipes or public taps.

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