Don't dry fish in Old Port area: Court tells DC

Don't dry fish in Old Port area: Court tells DC

“The defendant Nos. 1 and 3 [Indian Water Transport Department and the Deputy Commissioner respectively] are permanently prohibited from permitting or allowing any person or organisation from drying the fish in Kudru area, Old Port, Mangalore” stated II Additional Civil Judge (Senior Division) Basavaraj in his order dated July 31, 2009. Revealing this at a press meet here on Thursday, Old Port Wholesale Kiraani (provisions) Merchants Association General Secretary Ullal Ratnakar Nayak said with the court judgement, his 5-five year long struggle has come to an end successfully.

Nayak had stepped into court with a private complaint against drying fish in the Kudru area on September 3, 2004.

“Expert panels had concluded that drying fish in the Kudru area is responsible for generation of large number of flies in the entire city, but there had been no action from the administrators. Hence a private complaint was lodged in the court making Indian Water Transport Department, Port Officer, Deputy Commissioner and the Dry Fish Vendors Association as defendants,” he informed.

Even after 20 days of the copy of the order was served to the defandants, no action has been taken at the Kudru area, he alleged.

Nayak said legal fight would continue in this regard if the court order was not followed accordingly. Filing of contempt of court case will also be contemplated, he added.
The Association President Mohandas Prabhu and Treasurer Panduranga Nayak were present at the press meet.