How 'UPSC rank holder' betrayed his parents

How 'UPSC rank holder' betrayed his parents

A closer examination of the documents in possession of Manjunath's family relating to UPSC exams clearly shows that Manjunath had fudged them. He committed suicide on Friday, after telling his family that UPSC had made a mistake in announcing his results.

The copy of the hall ticket for Civil Service (Prelims) Examination, that UPSC too has admitted Manjunath attended, shows his roll number as 538745.

However, UPSC has clarified that the roll number allotted to him was 538950. The family only has a copy of the document, which has allegedly been fudged by Manjunath, changing the roll number from 538950 to 538745. Manjunath is suspected to have burnt the original document at the place of his death in Napoklu.

A copy of the hall ticket given to Manjunath by UPSC for the mains exams lets the cat out of the bag. A closer examination of this document, comparing it with the fudged prelims hall ticket of Manjunath, helps spot the differences.

The document number of both the documents (a computer generated number) is the same – CSP/539469/ 11217196859/047/1852012, which is impossible if the two are two separate documents. This clearly shows that Manjunath used his prelims hall ticket as a template and fudged it to produce a hall ticket for the mains exams. It is clear that Manjunath has changed the date and title of the examination in English and make it look like that of the Mains Examination.

He has changed the date of Mains examination as October 5, 2012 and also changed the title to ‘You are admitted to the Civil Service (Main) Examination, 2012’. However the UPSC uses two languages – English and Hindi. In the title in Hindi - ‘aapki civil seva (prathamik) pareeksha' in the hall ticket of prelims examination, he has erased the word prathamik, but the space is left blank.

Also, in English, the date of examination has been changed to October 5, 2012. But, the line above in Hindi says: ‘Pareekshaa kii taareekh: May 20, 2012,’ (same as in the prelims hall ticket). Also, Manjunath has changed the centre name and put Vishveshwarapuram College of Arts and Commerce, Koramangala. However, the above mentioned college is on K R Road and not in Koramangala. The address given is fake. He has also forged the signatures of the invigilators at the examination centre.

Thus, it is very clear that Manjunath V Y fudged all records to show that he had passed the civil service exams with a rank.

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