A need for stringent measures

Drunk Driving

A need for stringent measures

Come Friday and one can see police personnel, checking for cases of drunk driving. 

Despite heightened checking and massive campaigning by the authorities, the number of cases booked in 2012 was 60,544. 

In 2013, the number of cases from January to May has already touched 18,371. 

Metrolife talks to a few Bangaloreans to find out if the campaigns and checks have borne any fruit.

M A Saleem, additional  commissioner of police (traffic and law and order) says, “A majority of these cases are recorded during the weekends across the City. We will continue to conduct awareness drives as well as checks regularly. In fact, we have intensified the checking in the last two or three months and this will go on throughout the year.” 

He adds that despite repeated requests and campaigns, many pubs and bars in the City are not providing cab services for their customers. “Most cases are booked in Central Bangalore — in areas around Brigade Road, Residency Road, Ulsoor, Shivajinagar and Ashok Nagar. This is mainly because there are many pubs located in this area.”

Bangaloreans say that not everyone thinks about the serious repercussions of drunk driving. 

“I feel people who drink should be responsible — they should not drive if they are drinking above the permissible limit. I have many friends who drink but when it comes to driving, they let others take over. One must have self-control; things can go haywire if one doesn’t have that,” says Magesh, an engineering student. 

Krupalini, a teacher, feels that youngsters in particular contribute to this problem. “It is shocking to see the figures and the drastic rise in the cases of drunk driving. Youngsters today don’t always look at the bigger picture. They don’t even see the after-effects of what they do,” she points out.Many others say that stricter fines and punishments should be imposed on people who indulge in drunk driving. “I have seen the massive campaign that the traffic police conducted against drunk driving, but I don’t feel that has helped. There have been incidents in the past where the driver who caused the accident got away without any serious punishment. This sets a bad precedent for people, especially for youngsters who feel that they can get out of any situation just by doling out a handsome amount of money,” says Atul, a professional. “Offenders should be severely punished. Drunk driving is equal to murdering a person and should be treated accordingly. It is only when such issues are highlighted that the youth will realise that drunken driving is a serious offence,” he concludes.

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