Looking forward to magic

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Looking forward to magic

What if somebody covers your eye with dough made of maida (refined wheat), covers it with a handkerchief and then asks you to read something? Sounds insane? Possibly, but only until you hear of a magician who plays this trick on his awestruck audience as part of his highly awaited show.

Meet PC Sorcar Jr, the son of the great and legendary PC Sorcar who is in the City, celebrating 100 years of the great magic show, ‘Indrajal’ that has ruled hearts of people down the decades decades. 

To showcase this particular magic trick which is called ‘X-Ray eyes’, Sorcar Jr invites volunteers from the audience. When 10-12 gather on stage, they are asked to double-check the handkerchief and the dough. Soon, Sorcar asks them to write digits, the toughest formula or a chemical reaction on a blackboard. To everyone’s amazement, Sorcar easily reads what is written by different people. Not only that, he draws a painting around the symbols drawn by volunteers. A simple drawing of a flower is converted into the profile of a young woman, whose hairs adorns it!  

The trick as most of us understand as adults, is a glimpse of PC Sorcar Jr’s illusionary work. Yet, his audience is impressed. Sorcar Jr, then along with his daughter Maneka went on to present more magic and had the audience eating out of his hands. For magic, however familiar the tricks, never fails to astonish! If Sorcar Jr  makes a girl lie down on a sword’s tip, Maneka makes a boy vanish from a locked box and gets into the same box herself! 

“Magic,” says Maneka, “is my inheritance. It is personally a great moment of pride for me to be able to take this legacy forward and be a part of the celebration of magic through 100 years of ‘Indrajal’. We are constantly evolving newer ways to mesmerise our audiences and hope to continue winning many hearts through our small world of illusion,” says Maneka. 

The two magicians also presented the traditional magic of their family ‘The Water of India’. The water which was poured from a small jug ended up filling a bucket. After every act Sorcor Jr. would empty jug in teh bucket but it got ‘magically’ refilled soon after it was emptied. What left the children awestruck was the trick where a girl is sliced into two only to reappear as a whole within seconds! 

“Celebrating 100 years of ‘Indrajal’, is a way of thanking our forefathers, who through their skills of creating scientific illusions have transformed the future of modern magic. It is an overwhelming experience for me and my daughter to take forward the Sorcar family’s legacy,” says PC Sorcar Jr, who is also called the Merchant of Vanish.

“We, as artists always work towards adding colour in people’s lives through our shows. Having the opportunity to perform ‘Indrajal’ in the presence of various crowds in different parts of the world, has been a humbling experience which has only added substance to our performance,” he adds. 

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