Men are not from Mars!

Men are not from Mars!


Rupa T Nath

She confesses to having 39 relationships till date. When Rupa T Nath speaks about men, she is likely to know what she is talking about — if not from the point of view of a behavioural scientist, then at least as someone who has learnt her lessons from real life. The young part-time RJ has authored a book, Men, As They Are, which she claims seeks to answer questions about why men behave the way they do.

In her book, Nath has sought to analyse the male gender. Sample this: A man’s obsession with bikes subtly shows the affection he demands from his woman; men are not polygamous by nature; and finally, men are not a confusing lot to understand! Of course, there is no scientific analysis offered for such gems, and it is quite clear that her views will make readers love her or hate her.

Landing the book deal

Elated that her book has sold over 10,000 copies since its launch a few months ago, she believes that analysis of human beings on the basis of their zodiac signs has turned into a global pastime, exemplified by the best-selling Linda Goodman books. I wonder if it is her Libran trait of playing agony aunt to friends with troubled relationships that led her to analyse men in print. According to her, the book, published by Cedar, is the result of a curious incident. “One day a lawyer friend told me about a divorce settlement. I suggested what the complainant’s wife, a Libran, could do to make an impact on her Cancerian husband. And bingo! There was no divorce. My friend telephoned me and said that I must write a book on men!” That, coupled with the fact that her radio programme too had become relationship oriented, concretised the idea of a book, she explains.

 “I have a maid who ran away from her village in Bihar after being beaten up by her husband, who was 30 years older to her. He allegedly tried forcing her into the flesh trade. She ran away. She has now signed up for adult literacy classes in a government school in Delhi and is rebuilding her life. Hence when we talk about empowerment we need to think beyond money. What is the point in talking about money, when what you need to sustain a relationship is mutual respect? When that is realised, divorce rates will fall and right decisions will be made,” she says. As long as her book continues to be snapped up, Rupa will remain convinced that there’s some truth in her observations on men and relationships.