'Matru Devo Bhava'

'Matru Devo Bhava'

The only day your mother smiled when you cried was, the day you were born’ -seeing your crying face, she would smile...  – she would instantly forget the tearing pain she had felt all through her labour, she sets her eyes lovingly on you, who were enveloped, cushioned in her warm womb for nine long months, which made for an innate connection at core level….she remains connected with you for life at soul-level and at heart level.

Mother’s love has no parallel, yet many children seem to forget that in today's world of mad rush and material existence...

There is a pain measurement instrument, Dolorimeter, which can probably measure the pain of a mother during labour, but there is no meter yet discovered to measure the pain of a deserted, neglected and unloved mother. Always remember the pure, unselfish love of your mother…when she becomes old, don't make her weep by laughing cruelly at her infirmities and troubles. Those very hands, may be old, weak and shriveled now, had fed you, led you, loved you, protected you, to make you stand strong and youthful.

Our scriptural values give highest place to one’s mother, then to father and follows the ‘teacher’. ‘Guests’ are treated with equal respect. Now, in many a household, old parents will be brought down to the level of ‘guests’, where they are meted out the same formal, matter of fact treatment, as though waiting for their ‘going away’. Gods are never happy in such a house. After all, we owe our very existence to our parents. That is why the axiom- Matru Devo Bhava’, ‘Pitru Devo Bhava’, ‘Acharya Devo Bhava’, Atithi Devo Bhava.’
Nature is full of maternal love, hence we refer to nature as ‘Mother Nature’, because its nature is to give and give. If you observe, a cow, though a pure herbivore, cleans all the blood and 'after birth' muck from her just born baby calf with her tongue....a sheer act of mother’s love, nature's proof of mother's love.

In the way an elephant treats its baby, one can understand the maternal instincts so strongly present in the nature, in the tiniest to the mightiest of animals. The most touching aspect of the  whole creation is, how naturally a mother-child bond happens.

Immediately, after the birth of the calf, the mother elephant very gently starts kicking the calf, in an attempt to help the new-born rise to its feet, because the calf ‘must’ stand to suckle milk from its mother and it is a matter of survival or else it will die with starvation.
The calf of an elephant is so small compared to the adult, yet as it walks under its mother, it never gets trampled. The mother elephant protects the calf from severe heat and wild animal attacks.

Motherhood is full of divinity, as mothers stand as God’s representatives – always loving, always protecting.

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