Of a promising saviour

 Owen Wilson in Drillbit Taylor.Based on an original story by John Hughes, a trio of anxious highschool freshmen are targeted by the school bully, Filkins, on the first day of school. Before they become completely engulfed in Filkins, reign of terror, they seek a protection by placing an ad for a personal bodyguard.

Enter Drillbit Taylor, not the best but definitely the cheapest of the mercenaries, hitmen and bodyguards. Drillbit is steely, dangerous and skilled, in covert black-ops and exotic martial arts. He is also a complete fraud, who is no match for Filkins. Now it’s upto the trio to transform this down-and-out drifter into the saviour he promised to be.

Spicing it up

Watch Comedy Circus – 3 Ka Tadka on October 31 at 10 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Comedy Circus, the unique show with celebrities performing alongside professional stand-up comedian partners is back with a new twist. This time, it is with trios and not jodis. The tadka will be a unique hurdle that will be put before every jodi in the form of a third contestant who will be a celebrity. Three is not a crowd but a spicy tadka.

Holiday in Hawaii

Discovery Travel and Living presents Girl Meets Hawaii, a show about a young woman Samantha, who has always wanted to go to the Hawaii. She has read about it, seen movies shot there and combed through travel brochures. Now, she has a chance to find out first hand what secrets these islands hold for her. Tune in to the show on October 30 at 10.30 pm.