DU student assaulted for being friends with a girl

Last Updated 16 May 2013, 21:14 IST

Robin Kasana, a Delhi University student, had done something that is considered to be ‘dangerous’ and often ‘fatal’ in the Jat belt of Uttar Pradesh. He had befriended a girl who studied with him in the college.

Kasana had a brush with death, when the father of the girl, a resident of Ghaziabad, got him abducted by his goons who allegedly brutally tortured and sodomised him.

According to reports, Kasana was abducted by the goons of the girl’s father Rajesh Mavi, who is considered to be quite affluent and influential, on Monday. He was taken to Mavi’s farmhouse where he was given the ‘third degree’ throughout the night.

Kasana was allegedly sodomised and beaten after being stripped. The goons also allegedly unleashed ferocious dogs on him and rubbed salt on his injuries, sources said.
They added that the goons also uploaded the images of the torture meted out to the student on a social networking site after creating a fake ID in his name.

He was released only after a panchayat was convened in the village on Tuesday in which the family of the youth reportedly assured that he would not speak to the girl.

The youth also reportedly gave the assurance in writing.

The matter would not have come to light but for the uploaded images.

When Kasana’s friends told him about the images, he approached the senior police officers on Wednesday and apprised them of the matter.

He also reportedly sought permission to commit suicide.

Police officers said a case was registered in this regard and one of the four accused has been arrested. “It is a serious matter. We have launched a manhunt to nab the other culprits,” they added.

The girl’s father, however, denied the allegations of torture.

“Kasana had created a fake ID in the name of my daughter and uploaded her pictures. We had called him to speak over the issue. He had admitted this in the panchayat and tendered a written apology,” her father said.

Earlier also, the boys and girls have been punished for falling in love.

The powerful ‘khaps’ have made it clear that they will not allow love marriages and marriages within the same gotra under any circumstances.

(Published 16 May 2013, 21:13 IST)

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