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Music reviews...

Shankara Jayanti music fest

The Tyagaraja Gana Sabha Trust celebrates the Shankara Jayanti in a unique way, every year. Music concerts by both young and senior musicians and felicitation for veteran artistes mark the annual festival. Veena, Nagaswara and percussion ensemble apart from vocal recitals – were held as part of the festival last week.

S Shankar, who gave a vocal recital on Thursday, is a senior vocalist and teacher. He is also recipient of ‘Sangeetha Vidyanidhi’ and ‘Kalabhushana’ titles. ‘Sri Jalandhara’ of Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar in ‘Gambheeranata’ raga, gave Shankar a bright start. ‘Kalyani’ was delineated with sparkling phrases for ‘Sharade Varade’, the Kannada composition of Veene Seshanna. The ‘Brovamma’ of Shyama Sastry, in the raga ‘Manjee’, was dignified. The raga was lively to weave a euphonic ‘Kaapi’ for ‘Meevalla Gunadasoha’. With his resonant and rich voice, he elaborated ‘Shanmukhapriya’, leaving an indelible impression on the connoisseurs. Mathur R Srinidhi on violin, N Vasudeva on mridanga and N Amrith on khanjari – fulfilled the needs of the occasion. The devotionals – ‘Guruvina Gulamanaguva Thanaka’, ‘Deva Banda’, and Tyagaraja Mangala Panchaka (T N Padmanabhan) – also wowed the audience.

Promising vocalist

Young musician Divya Giridhar also sang in the music festival on Friday. Divya, an upcoming artiste, was initiated to music by Shringeri Nagaraj and receiving higher training under M S Vidya. She has passed post-graduation in music in distinction and has won prizes and scholarship (CCRT). She is well-versed in Sugam Sangeeth and light classical music also.

Divya Giridhar, in the current concert, presented all the familiar items, to make the concert a wholesome one – including a varna, keerthana, devaranama, Thillana and a Bhajan. After a varna and invocatory piece ‘Sudda Dhanyasi’ was brief for ‘Sri Hari Vallabhe’. The ‘Pavanaguru’ in Hamsanandi, was another infrequent composition.

Raga ‘Shankarabharana’ was as pleasing to rise the concert to its evocative heights, followed by ‘Shankara Gurum Bhajeham’ of Bellary Seshagiri Achar. ‘Innu Dayebarade’, ‘Baajere Muraliya’, and ‘Harichitta Satya’ – were sung in the concluding session. B R Ramya, H S Krishna Murthy and N S Krishna Prasad supported on violin, mridanga and ghata respectively. Divya has good voice and has good future with training and stage experience.


TSK School of Music in association with CV Nagaraj Memorial Trust hosted ‘Aradhana’, as part of the 16th music festival. Senior percussionist M T Rajakesari was felicitated with the title of ‘Kalaradhanashree’ on the occasion.

Veteran vocalist Kanaka Swamy is serving the music field both as a vocalist, teacher and organiser. She is serving the Gayana Samaja for several decades in various capacities, and now she is the vice-president of the Samaja. Kanaka Swamy added brief swara for the opening krithi ‘Sri Raghu Kula’ and the chitte swara for ‘Dasharathe Kripa’ was equally attractive.

Raga and swara for the familiar keertane ‘Sarasaksha Paripalaya’ was pleasing. After ‘Idi Nyayama Sri Rama’ in ‘Drutha Kaala’, the ‘Sri Ramam Ravi Kulabdi Somam’ was in ‘Vilamba kaala’. The legendary keerthane ‘Ramakatha Sudha’ was developed with raga and swara. It was the result of her rich experience and age has not withered her spirits. Nalina Mohan (violin), M T Rajakesari (Mridanga) and B R Ravi Kumar (ghata) – accompanied with good understanding.

Mysore V Subramanya

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