A great start to a better tomorrow

A great start to a better tomorrow


A great start to a better tomorrow

It was not just the open day at Delhi University that was anticipated but also the open days of other institutions. LISAA School of Design was one of them since its new batch had just joined the institute.

The campus was abuzz with new minds that were full of questions and the older students of LISAA, who were displaying their work of one year.

The Annual Open Day of the French design school conducted for two days thus became a ground for youngsters who want to make a mark in the field of designing.

The existing students choose from their body of work done in past one year and showcased the best of the lot for professionals, parents and fellow students. Piyush Gupta, who is about to take up specialisation in fashion designing, displayed a headgear and accessory designed by him last year. Under the guidance of known fashion designer Nitin Bal Chauhan, he themed his headgear on musical instruments and used a lot of materials for designing the accessory. Piyush shares, “The new students, who are about to join my institute, liked my work and asked me a lot of questions after seeing my work. One of their prime query was – how did Nitin choose me to work with him?”

Other students also displayed their designs in collaboration with Nitin who also gave a presentation on ‘Fashion – Today and Tomorrow’. The open day also had renowned photographer and filmmaker, Bharat Sikka, who gave an inspirational talk on ‘Photography and its relation to Design’. He shared his experiences of having visually explored several dimensions of design - from fashion to environmental spaces, using still photography and more recently cinematography.

To explore and understand the various design and art verticals, there was also an interesting workshop on creativity by a graffiti artist. Apart from exhibitions, there were also conferences and discussions for the students, teachers and the visiting professionals to engage in design and art conversations.

Priyanka Jain, director, LISAA School of Design, says, “After displaying their best work at the Open Day, the present students realised where they have reached in one year. The exhibition was also important for new students who are about to join us. They got to know about the kind of work expected of them, and they interacted with existing students to inquire about job opportunities and placements, level of intensity of the course and the expected outcome from them.”

Wishing all the curious minds a successful year ahead!