When City residents spent money like water

When City residents spent money like water

When City residents spent money like water

Depletion of water in borewells has forced private water tanker suppliers in the City to increase the prices and consumers are feeling the heat. Residents also complain about the tantrums thrown by the suppliers.

A few suppliers used to charge Rs 400 to Rs 500 for a single household, for water supplied in a tanker with a capacity of 6,500 litres a month ago. Now, they are demanding Rs 650 and more. Tankers with a capacity of 4,500 litres each are charging Rs 500 and more, instead of Rs 300 to Rs 350 earlier, depending on the area.  

“While most of the homes usually order one load, hotels and big apartments order three to four loads. A few private tankers are charging Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 per load in a few residential areas,” said Ramesh, from Ramesh Water Supply, Frazer Town.

Residents of Rustambagh area who are depending on private tankers for more than six months now claim that in the last couple of weeks, they are shelling out Rs 600 per load. In times of emergency, they are forced to pay Rs 800 and above.

Private tankers claim that they usually charge less for permanent customers.

“A few private tankers charge high if they have to go to far away destinations, to include the travelling costs. I have been charging Rs 400 per load from permanent customers and Rs 50 to Rs 100 extra from others. Not all private tankers charge exorbitant rates as they fear they might lose the customers,” said a supplier.

“The BWSSB is hand in glove with private tankers. Last month, residents in my apartment complex paid more than Rs 40,000 in total, just to private tanker suppliers. The BWSSB and the State government should frame rules to monitor private water tankers and fix minimum charges,” said S S Kalyanpur, president of the Rustambagh Residents’ Association for a Cleaner Environment.

“A week ago, I called up a private tanker operator and told him to come at the earliest. But he did not turn up for almost three hours which frustrated me.
Sometimes, the operators are rude to us and do not listen to us,” said Shashwati K, a resident of HRBR Layout, 

Some private tank owners complain that powercuts have made it difficult for them to draw water from the borewells and supply water on time. Some residents have faced a delay of almost a day due to the ever-growing demand.