London Dreams

London Dreams

After ‘New York’, ‘Delhi 6’, ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’, ‘Ramji Londonwaley’, ‘Yeh Mera India’ and ‘Namastey London’, comes yet another movie named after a city. ‘London Dreams’ tells the tale of two close friends - Arjun (Ajay Devgn) and Manu (Salman Khan) - talented guys who dream of making a mark in the music industry.

Arjun dreams of becoming like his idol Maikalal Jaikishen (read Jackson) and perform at the Wembley Stadium in London where his grandfather had failed to perform, while Manu is happy in his Punjab village with ‘kudis’, singing and dancing in local weddings. After the death of his father, Arjun lands in London with his uncle (Om Puri) and decides to go his own way to achieve his dream. Arjun meets Priya (Asin), Zoya (Ranvijay), Wasim (Aditya) and starts his own desi band – London Dreams. Arjun falls in love with Priya, but decides to propose to her only after achieving his dream.

Later he brings Manu into his band, but soon realises that Manu, who also has a great voice, is getting more popular and is more famous than him. Meanwhile, Manu also starts liking Priya...

Ajay Devgn is brilliant, with a superb display of various emotions like love, anger, jealously and insecurity. Asin looks stunning. Salman is good. VJ  Ranvijay and Aditya fit perfectly in the role of band members.

But ‘London Dreams’ is not without loopholes. First of all, when the film is all about rock bands and concerts, the music had to be over the top, the soul of the film. But unfortunately, it is not so.

Also in the beginning of the movie, a young Arjun is shown fleeing from the London airport and becoming a successful musician without any support. Many such gaffes are hard to digest. Too many not-too-good songs also spoil the party.