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Last Updated 21 May 2013, 15:29 IST

Andra Lonete was 5-year old while Cristina Dijmaru was just 3 when they started learning the art of balancing their body weight on just the tips of their toes. With intensive practice and over a period of time, they achieved precision. Now they wear their tutus (ballet skirts) and float as and when directed by their companion - Bogdan Canila, to look like human sylphs – or beings of the air!

In the City to perform at International Ancient Arts Festival, which begins today - the trio from Bucharest National Opera House talks to Metrolife about Western Ballet, its nuances and their stay in Delhi.

“The elegance of the movements and the magic of being on stage” attracted Andra whereas “the costumes, the beautiful music and the magic of the entire show,” was a kick for Cristina when it came to choosing this dance form over others. The difficult part was the exhaustive journey ahead that required intense training. “We practice daily and have two shows per week. Ballet dance needs a lot of dedication,” shares Cristina to which Andra adds, “For ballet you need to have very good body mobility, physical qualities, stamina, good memory and first of all, talent. You also need to be dedicated, patient, self-disciplined and have a great respect for your master as he is the one who passes on to his students this beautiful art form.” “But if you like what you do there is nothing too difficult,” completes Cristina.

Bogdan Canila, who started learning ballet when he was 12, agrees with his ballerinas and shares that it is equally hard or easy for a male dancer as it is for a female. “It’s hard to compare because we have different standards and techniques. For example, the male dancer has to learn how to lift the female partner and he also has to do more jumps.” Something that is Bogdan’s USP!

He guides his co-dancers with ease, leaving the audience in awe and opines that, “It is very important to be 100 per cent in the present moment during dance, in order to make my partner feel comfortable and relaxed. In adagio and duet, the male must display the qualities of the female dancer. So, my main mission is to help the partner ‘shine’ and express herself in the best way possible.” Well said!

The skills of the threesome will be showcased tonight when they come on stage for a fusion performance with Odissi artistes from India. “Many of the exercises we do for warming up are similar to some yoga postures. In Odissi, they use movements and arm postures in an elegant manner similar to the way we do in ballet. In a different way, Odissi is also a dance based on balance and graceful movements,” says Andra.

Meanwhile, this being their first trip to India, they stole some time to visit Delhi since Andra likes, “the ancient culture of India and the women here. They have an elegance and beauty which comes from inside.” Bogdan, on the other hand, is charmed by the, “hospitality of the people, irrespective of their economic and social status” and Cristina admires the “sarees and the way people are attached to spirituality.”

She has visited the Lotus Temple and plans to visit Akshardham temple after hearing about the latter from Andra. However, Bogdan aims to “meet the Dalai Lama and make a journey to the Himalayas,” while here!

(Published 21 May 2013, 15:29 IST)

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