Yogi is a BIG fan of Power Star Appu (Punith). To hammer in this, there is a ‘mass song’ and snippets of Rajni heaping praise on Punith. From then on, Punith’s films, are present only in the names of the dishes doled out by Naidu Hotel.

But Yogi (Yogesh, the pin-up boy for Anorexics Anonymous) is after Mala, the long-lost childhood sweetheart. So what if he is treated worse than disposable waste by all and sundry? He is street-smart and, as he proclaims to shrill ‘seetis’, “comes from Bruce Lee’s family”. A curious set of circumstances brings him into contact with Babu, a chaste-Kannada speaking underworld don (Suchendra Prasad) and Paddu (Shireen), who then begin to treat Yogi like the apple of their eye.

But KK (Praveen), who loses his brother at the hands of Yogi, is out seeking revenge. Soon, Yogi meets Mala (Bianca Desai) and the world slowly changes around him. Trusted turn turncoats, enemies are not what they seem...

‘Yogi’ starts off well. The story appears uncannily natural, thanks to fine work by the art department and the director. Dialogues (some of them not meant for cultured ears) are of great help. But, Emil’s over-enthusiasm ruins what could have been really good compositions and the songs do not provide relief from endless running from one sub-plot to another.

Yogesh, Shireen, Suchendra and Bianca all get their due space, but  the girls’ characterisation leaves many gaps. Yogesh fans are in for a treat in the climax when he portrays the inner turmoil and transformation. For a new director, Udaya has much to commend but he fails to stop the surging disappointment at the same time.