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The world of loyal toys

Catch ‘Toy Story’ on Star Movies at 7.12 pm on May 23. 

Woody’s always been Andy’s favourite toy but when Andy’s mother gifts him Buzz Lightyear, a space-ranger, for his birthday, that becomes his favourite. 

A jealous Woody fights with Buzz, who falls out of the window. The other toys accuse Woody of killing Buzz. Now, Woody will have to follow Buzz and get him back — before Andy and his family shift home, leaving them behind.

A risky option at hand

Total Recall’ is set in the year 2084. Douglas Quaid is a construction worker, who has been experiencing dreams about exploring the planet Mars with a brunette. After seeing an ad from Rekall, a company that sells imaginary adventures by implanting false memories, he decides to buy a “vacation” to Mars from them, one in which he will take a vacation from himself by becoming a spy. Rekall calls it an “ego trip”. 

Before buying the vacation, Quaid is cautioned by a co-worker that Rekall is risky and a memory implant failure lobotomises people, in reference to failed memory implants which caused the recipients to suffer permanent brain damage. 

Tune in to the movie on Sony Pix at 11.10 pm on May 23. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox, Michael Ironside and Marshall Bell.

Avenging the past
Watch Ghajini on UTV Movies at 3 pm on May 23. Sanjay Singhania (essayed by Aamir Khan) is a millionaire businessman who has turned into a recluse living at an apartment building. 

He used to be in love with the mischievous Kalpana (played by Asin), who has been brutally murdered by Ghajini (portrayed by Pradeep Rawat). 

When Kalpana rescues twenty-five children from the clutches of Ghajini, he retaliates by killing her. Sanjay, who had tried to help her, had been hit on the head so hard that he suffers from short-term memory, which lasts only a few minutes at a time. 

Catch the film to see how Sanjay manages to trap the criminal who had killed the love of his life.

(tv show timings are subject to change)