'I give every game my best shot'

'I give every game my best shot'

Staying Focussed

'I give every game my best shot'

Saurashtra’s middle-order batting mainstay Cheteshwar Pujara confesses that there’s never a dull moment in cricket. “I love the game and cricket is my life. Every step I take is like training myself to get better in the sport,” he shares. 

Cheteshwar belongs to the young brigade of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). He played for Kolkata Knight Riders for the first three seasons before he was bought over by Vijay Mallya. This season, the young player has brought his wife Puja along on the tour. 

Cheteshwar, who was spotted shopping with his wife in one of the stores in the City, notes, “It’s great to have a lady companion when you are travelling. Puja has been a tremendous support for me. After a hard day’s cricket, it is nice to unwind with my wife.” 

The young man feels the pressure during IPL does a lot of good. “Hard work has never killed anyone till date and the more you work, the better the performance will be. I always stay focussed on the sport and give every game my best shot. It doesn’t pay to get tensed,” he observes.   

Cheteshwar states that cricket was the only thing on his mind as a child. “I used to go for regular training sessions as a child and always idolised Rahul Dravid. He’s an ace batsman and it’s worth picking up tips from him,” he adds.

While Cheteshwar experiments with food, he makes sure he doesn’t overindulge. “We are vegetarians, so I stick to a protein-rich diet,” he quips. 

Puja is still settling into her new life with Cheteshwar and she says that he’s doing all he can to make sure she’s comfortable. “Cheteshwar commands a lot of love and respect from the people wherever he goes. But he is a simple guy who hasn’t let fame get to him,” says Puja, who admits that she didn’t follow cricket until she got married.  

The couple watch a lot movies together but have no favourite stars. “We unwind with a movie and talk about everything else apart from cricket when we are together,” she signs off.