Say no to sugary sodas

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Say no to sugary sodas

When one is thirsty, she or he automatically grabs a soda drink or any coloured water, i.e., a fruit punch. But, do you know that drinking large amounts of sugary sodas and fruit drinks might raise the chances of painful kidney stones? Yes, it is true.

Although drinking extra fluids usually helps prevent stones from forming, these beverages come with varying risks. Rather, coffee, tea and orange juice are associated with a lower risk of kidney stone formation. Metrolife spoke to various doctors and found out the reason behind it.
Dr Gowri Kulkarni, a personal physician, says, “These aerated drinks are dehydrating agents which gets the fluids away from the body and can eventually lead to stone formation in kidneys. Certain drinks also contain phosphoric acid or certain citric acids which are catalysts for stone formation.”

“These aerated drinks can lead to dysfunction of kidney, result in high blood pressure, sugar related issues and most commonly weight gain. If you want to stay hydrated, go for butter milk or coconut water. They are healthier,” adds Gowri.

Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity have also been linked to the formation of kidney stones. Adults need to consume 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to maintain proper hydration and help prevent kidney stones. Cutting sugar-sweetened beverages out of those fluids might also help ward off stones.

So what is the healthiest way to stay hydrated? “In general, water is still the best hydrant and certainly, for kidney stone prevention, the preferred beverage,” says Dr Raman Kumar, President, Academy of Family Physician of India.
Another expert, Dr M P Sharma, HOD, Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, Rockland Hospital, says, “Till date we don’t know the composition of these aerated drinks. These definitely affect the kidneys as they pass through the organs and may lead to kidney stones eventually. Also these soda drinks have 200-300 calories which leads to excess weight gain.” 

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