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Last Updated 22 May 2013, 14:12 IST

Philips, India’s leading lifestyle brand, took the concept of male grooming to the next level by launching MPower, a male grooming and styling range.

Unveiled by Bollywood actor-producer and now a National Award winner, John Abraham, the product is designed for the modern Indian man wanting more from life and desirous of making a natural shift from manual shaving to electrical grooming. The range includes trimming, facial styling and body grooming solutions for the versatile Indian male.

The well-known brand has been at the helm of the style revolution in India and has introduced marquee products based on deep consumer insight, be it the grooming kit or the Body Groom that started body-grooming revolution in India in 2012. With the new MPower range, Philips plans to reach out to the entire spectrum of users – from the first time trimmer to an evolved user. 

As a style icon known for experimenting with different looks, also the brand’s ambassador John Abraham, says, “A well-built body and an overall well-groomed personality have now become the benchmark for one’s style quotient. In recent years, there has been a huge style revolution among men and they have started taking their grooming very seriously. Till a few years back, grooming was restricted to special occasions. But today, men want to look good and well-groomed every day.”

According to a recent survey by the electronic company, 65 per cent of the overall male respondents believe that different occasions called for different facial styles ranging from clean shaven to stubble, goatee, soul patch et al. 

Nearly 54 per cent women respondents in the age-group of 21-25 years find men with styled facial hair more attractive. When it comes to body hair, 70 per cent women would like their men to have no body hair or at least trim them and 80 per cent men have already tried different ways of removing body hair, ranging from shavers to trimmers and body-groomers. 

The survey clearly indicated that men are looking for a solution that can provide them head-to-toe style, in order to keep themselves and their partners happy. The survey also revealed that the age group of men who are taking up facial styling and grooming has lowered significantly and 43 per cent males have started their experimentation with grooming by using a trimmer and this product, the advanced trimmer is designed to be every boy’s first step into grooming.   

(Published 22 May 2013, 14:12 IST)

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