Giving in to sweet temptation

Giving in to sweet temptation

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Giving in to sweet temptation

Vicky Ratnani (left) and Maria Goretti on ‘Do It Sweet'

Or at least, the background banter shows, in the process of ordering one. “Yes,” she giggles, when I confront her with that, very much the vivacious MTV VJ youngsters fell in love with about a decade back. “I am a total foodie.”

She’s back on Indian television after six years on a lifestyle show that only talks ‘sinful mouth watering, hard to resist desserts’ (that’s the channel’s selling line). Which means, aha, a lot of “sinful, scary, hard to burn, calories.”

Did she worry about that when the show was offered to her? After all, the rest of the girls in the public eye are starving themselves to maintain those near zero figures. “Of course, I was worried. While the show was on I stuck to eating boiled vegetables and steamed chicken,” she grins. “We were shooting two and a half shows a day which meant tasting seven desserts a day.”

Each episode of Do it Sweet has Chef Vicky Ratnani preparing three sweets/desserts which Maria tastes and gives a verdict on. Is she from a family of foodies?

“Most Indian families are, I think. We keep looking for occasions to sit down together and eat together. If it’s a weekend, we like to throw a party. If it’s boring middle of the week, we like to eat to break the monotony by getting together over food. Any excuse will do to sit down and eat,” she says.

The show, suggested to her by a friend, was welcome because she has a sweet tooth. And where desserts go, is partial to anything chocolate. A lot of which, she says, is on the show. “The chef did some amazing brownies, chocolate cakes, mousse, cookies French toast,” she says. “It’s the kind of show I would like to see. It’s entertaining, has some great food that not only tastes good but looks good as well. And, the chef is generous enough not to keep any secrets. So that when I make the same thing at home, it comes out the same way.” Was there any dessert that she detested? “Firni,” she says. “I just hate it.”

 On a more serious note, how did it feel to get back in front of the camera after all those years of cleaning little bums? Any scampering mice in the pit of the stomach? “Oh, it felt great. I don’t feel like television has changed much,” she says. “Nice make-up, clothes given to you and a hundred people fussing round. It was lovely.”

What about those six years when she handled the most demanding job in the world — stay home wife and mother? “Oh I agree completely, that is the most difficult thing to do. It’s a thankless job and one that gives no breaks. Though I do enjoy it as well. Especially when Arshad is on a shoot and the kids are with their grandparents.”

If she’s enjoyed it so much, do we see more of her on television? “Oh yes! I would love to get back. There are three concepts I have in mind — food, travel and lifestyle. I’m hoping NDTV will do it with me. Please tell everybody this.” Alright Maria, since this interview is  on Do It Sweet, consider it done. Hope this will count as my good deed for the day.