As authentic as it gets

As authentic as it gets

Traditional Take

As authentic as it gets

In a City like Bangalore, it isn’t common to see someone making a big deal about dosas — after all, it is everyday food for a large number of people who live here.

But for those who really enjoy a piping hot dosa, Dosa Factory is a must try.

Located on 646, CMH Road, Indiranagar, it is not easy to spot this eatery that was opened six months ago. In fact, the place only relies on the power of word of mouth or potential customers chancing upon it while walking down the road. And it certainly is a lucky find — though the price one pays for a peaceful meal of dosas alone or with company is hardly anything, the quality is not compromised on.

“Our funda is ‘be traditional, be healthy’. All our food is freshly prepared and there are no artificial flavours or colours used. Even the ingredients — like ragi and godi (wheat) — are good for health,” explains Sundaram, who runs the place.

“The response has been pretty good so far. But for some reason, we don’t have regulars who come on a daily basis. The only ‘regulars’ we have come back every month saying that they miss the food and the location,” he says. The location and ambience at the place is also a plus point, owing to the pretty lanterns, potted plants and the little staircase from the main road that one must climb to get there.

The owner also informs that almost all the dosas are priced between Rs 10 and Rs 30, with the ragi and chola variety being the most popular. For Rs 50, one can try the family dosa, which serves four or even opt for the Rs 100 dosa buffet, where there are unlimited dosas of one’s choice. Also on the menu are utappams, Kerala appams and Adai dosas made in the traditional Tamil Nadu style.

The dosas are served with three varieties of chutney – coconut, spicy tomato and a mix of palak and pudina. The sambhar, full of onions and tomatoes, is made in the authentic Tamil Nadu semi-gravy medium-spicy style.

Dosa Factory is open only from 6 pm onwards. For home delivery, call 41172269.