Love and mush, the Gen X way

Love and mush, the Gen X way

3G Love

Telugu (A)            **
Cast: Siddharth Varma, Debora, Nikhil Siddharth, Jwala Gutta, Ramesh Rao
Director: Govardhan Krishna

This 3G has nothing to do with connectivity — mobile, wi-fi or otherwise. 3G, in 3G Love, stands for “Third Generation” and as the director himself puts it: Girls, Guys and Greed and not third grade love.

Given that the film is about mushy romance, it is filled with youths who go about coupling and cuddling as if there is no tomorrow.

Despite its done-to-death trite theme, debutant director Govardhan Krishna ensures 3G Love is a fun-filled, footloose outing, especially for lovey-dovey pairs.

A sensible screenplay and easy pace make 3G Love an honest first-time directorial attempt.

It doesn’t skim away from time-tested facts: like how for boys love means just getting physical, while for girls it’s going gooey over those who have moolah, those who rain them with generous gifts and act chivalrous chauffering them around.

With over a dozen girls and an equal number of boys, 3G Love deals with meeting and parting, betrayal and bitterness, spiced up with attempted suicides.

The campus romance is sure to go down well with teens with its sleazy jokes, pranks and songs.

A score of newcomers populate the film who have miles to go before they make a mark on the marquee.

If you are one on the right side of youth, don’t hesitate to watch 3G Love along with your sweetheart.

Summing it succinctly for those on the fence, the director says: I request youth to watch this film with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Don’t watch 3G Love with your parents!

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