Betting not solely IPL's problem: Dravid

Betting not solely IPL's problem: Dravid

Betting not solely IPL's problem: Dravid

The spot-fixing scandal might have left the IPL's reputation in shreds and severely dented his own team's image but Rajasthan Royals skipper Rahul Dravid said no good can come out of banning the Twenty20 league altogether as there are a "lot of positives about it".

"You've to deal with the challenges. If you completely throw away the tournament, it's like throwing away the baby with the bath water," Dravid said after RR's ouster from the IPL following a four-wicket loss to Mumbai Indians in the second qualifier last night.
"We need to sort the issue out rather than make big statements like cancel the IPL. Because there're some real good positives that have come out of it."

The former India skipper, who retired after 16 years of International cricket, further said the menace of fixing has been there in the past as well.

"We don't stop International cricket because of that. If that yardstick was used, we should stop all cricket. It's a question of correcting some of the challenges. An issue of betting is not only about the IPL. We have seen in the past that the issue has been there in International cricket," Dravid said.

"The cricket is great. There is no doubt about it. I've always said the IPL is a fantastic tournament. There are a lot of positives about it. But there are challenges in the IPL as well as we've seen in the last week or 10 days. Not only this, there are other challenges that come up from time to time and that need to be dealt with.

"Truth always sets you free. I really hope that in anything you just get to the truth and get to the bottom of it. Whatever and however painful maybe."

The spot-fixing scam came to surface after the arrest of Royals trio of S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila and it opened a can of worms.
Dravid said IPL was a "unique" experience for him but he hoped cricket will come out winners tomorrow.

"This tournament needs a great final. We had a great game today and it went down to the wire. After all that has happened, as long as we get a great game of cricket irrespective of whoever wins, hopefully cricket will come out winning," Dravid said.

Dravid said it was a difficult phase for his team, something which it had not experienced before.

"It was unique in that sense. You plan for a lot of things... you plan for failing, you know how to deal with that. But when stuff like this comes up you don't know...," he said.

"It was quite challenging. But I was lucky to have good support staff and good spirit in the team. While it was a challenge I'm happy to get over it in someways.
However, he said it would take some time to get over the shock of what has happened.

"We had to get ready and play this game but after we go back to our houses, the whole thing will take some time to get used to."

The loss of Chavan and Chandila hurt the team's cause as it struggled to put up a formidable attack on turning Eden and Dravid said the side missed a wicket-taking spinner.

"As you saw today, having spinners in the middle does make a big difference. Unfortunately we did not have that wicket-taking spinner today," Dravid conceded.
Dravid refused to predict his favourites for tomorrow's final between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians and said it would be an evenly-contested duel.

"Both are really very good sides and evenly-balanced. Mumbai Indians have a couple of good spinners so is Chennai. It's a hard one to pick. CSK have done over the years -- with five finals. They know how to play in finals. They play really well. But Mumbai Indians have some match-winners as well. It's a tough one to call. I just hope that we have a great game."

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