Injured in gang war, student dies

A pre-university student who had sustained severe injuries in a scuffle a fortnight ago, died of his injuries at a private hospital in the City, late Saturday night.

Gowrish, 17, was hospitalised on the evening of May 13, when a gang of boys attacked him , as they thought he supported Mohan, their rival.


The incident occurred when Gowrish was standing near his house in 6th Main, Gandhinagar with Mohan. The gang came on bikes and began an argument with Mohan.

One of the boys slapped Mohan, accusing him of challenging their ‘power’ in the area. Mohan, however, fled the place.

Furious that Mohan had fled, the gangturned its ire on Gowrish. Two gang members slapped him. Another boy, Sharath (alias Double), who is the alleged leader of the gang, stabbed Gowrish through the left armpit.

When Gowrish collapsed to the ground, the gang fled the scene. Kengeri police, who arrived soon after, rushed Gowrish to a nearby hospital.

Doctors said that the stabbing had severed the main artery which supplied oxygen to the blood. The wound had also damaged his lungs, they said.

Surgeries fail

Referred to Mahaveer Jain Hospital in the City, Gowrish was operated upon thrice, but passed away Saturday evening. 

According to police, Gowrish’s parents, Bhargamma and Manjunath, who is employed at a private company, had even sold off a piece of land in their native village to raise money for their son’s treatment.

Police said Gowrish had no role in the gang war, to which he fell victim.

Arrests made

Kengeri police have arrested Sharath, 22, Abbas, 20 and another minor in connection with the case. A search is on for three others involved in the attack — Prajwal, Ranga and Paul.

“Sharath and Abbas have robbery cases registered against them at Kengeri police station,” police said.

Sources said Mohan and his gang had beaten up Sharath in January at a school day function and had since been ridiculing him in the area.

In revenge, Sharath and his associates conspired to eliminate Mohan.

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