Catwalking into future

Catwalking into future

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Catwalking into future

Students are considering modelling as a serious career option these days. In fact, with a lot of fashion shows being held in the City, new models are getting a platform to display their talent.

Apart from that, modelling agencies, colleges and designers are also playing a role in helping young models pursue their dreams.

Noyonita Lodh, a student, has been modelling for a year now. Noyonita started modelling after she joined the ‘Miss Bangalore’ beauty pageant where she was placed third.
She adds that since there are so many young models out there, who are eager to work, many of them are paid minimal amounts.

In spite of that, it is a chance for these young people to showcase their talent. “There is a lot of opportunity for talented young models who get good work and get paid well also. I love every bit of it,” she adds.

Many colleges also give students opportunities to showcase their talent by organising fashion shows during their fests.

Manveen Kaur, another student, says that she joined the college fashion team in the beginning of the year and is also keen to pursue it as a career as well.

She says, “Like any other extracurricular activity, walking the ramp is also an art. Students get a lot of exposure through the fashion shows at the college level. It’s really amazing how one can learn so much from these shows and it also prepares us to enter the industry.”

There are some talented youngsters who manage to balance work and college. Rhea Subbaiah says, “I attend college between 7 am and 12 pm and in the evenings, I go for my shows.” Rhea feels that it is nice that students start modelling at a young age because they become more independent and open to work in this field.

“I have been modelling since a year-and-a-half. I have participated in many shows, my biggest being the ‘Colombo Fashion Week’,” she adds.

The advertisement field has also opened their doors to young models. Atlee Afroz, a management student, who has done advertisements for many brands and a television advertisement says, “It’s a brilliant opportunity. When I made one achievement, the rest just fell in place.” He adds that even though there are many rejections in the way, the number of opportunities don’t stop.

“Students getting into modelling is a good idea but they may be led into the wrong direction at times,” says Rithika Javid, who was a student model herself.
“It’s a risky business. Few models may fall in the trap of the wrong company. So people should have a strong head over their shoulders,” she adds.