'I always let my work speak'

'I always let my work speak'

Bold Rapper

'I always let my work speak'

British Indian rapper and hip-hop singer Taran Kaur Dhillon, better known as Hard Kaur, is truly hard core rather hard to her core. She lost her father when she was very young and was raised by her mother.

Hard Kaur was raised to be tough. “I am where I am today only because of my mother. There were times when I broke down and couldn’t move an inch forward but my mother was there to push me at every step and give me the courage to move on,’’ Hard Kaur tells Metrolife.

Hard Kaur, who performed in the City recently, confesses that she has heard so much about Bangalore from her colleagues and friends in the UK that she wanted to come down here and experience it first hand. They’ve told her how well-informed the music crowd in Bangalore is. “I was received with open arms in Bangalore and the crowd was not only receptive to my music but turned out to be exceptional,’’ says Hard Kaur.

She has the perfect attitude to match her body language and style. And being in a largely male-dominated bastion, Hard Kaur confesses that there are times when she feels the pressure getting to her.

“No matter how good you are, men will still find fault with you and criticise but if you have the confidence in what you do, then nothing can shake you,’’ she says. She further says, “There will be comments — good and bad — coming your way but the idea is to develop a thick skin. I always let my work speak for itself and it’s not for nothing that people
call me ‘hard core’,” she observes.

She says that real things inspire her to write music. “I always believe in writing music that young people can relate to. I will definitely create what I would like to hear and I am sure that it will go down well with the people as well,” she adds.

Hard Kaur has dipped her fingers in Bollywood as well. “I wanted to be an actress. When I decide to be one, I must do justice to the character. So, for now, I have my hands full with music and I am content with that,” she sums up.