Drive away from danger

Drive away from danger

Regular Checking

Drive away from danger

In a bid to make the City roads safer, the traffic police have started checking motorists for excessive alcohol consumption even on weekdays, rather just the weekends. This move has surely proved to be a game-changer as the police are clamping down on late-night revellers like never before.

Most of them are either resorting to booking cabs or asking a friend in the group to stay sober to drive back –– things that used to happen mostly during weekends. But if there is one good thing that has come out of this move, it’s the fact that people are thinking twice before sitting behind the wheel after a few pegs.

Additional commissioner (traffic and law and order) M A Saleem says that many cases are booked in the Madiwala traffic police limits as Central Silk Board connects the tech hubs of Electronic City and Whitefield. “People do not drink and drive only on weekends. Drunk driving-related accidents happen even on weekdays and we want to prevent this. And so far, it has been successful,” he adds.

It has been close to five months since this move has been enforced and it has evoked a mixed reaction from Bangaloreans. Manish, a professional, says that increasing stress levels are pushing professionals to have a drink after a long day. “Compared to a couple of years back, Bangalore has now become more open to partying during the week. Places are less crowded and many prefer to have a drink or two before they head home,” he adds.

While many don’t find anything wrong with drinking during the week, they do agree that one should be responsible if they are driving home after.

   Nayana, a young professional, says that she and her friends catch up on Wednesdays at a popular watering hole. “Now that the cops have started checking during the week, we ensure that none of us drive. We either book a cab or select one person who stays sober. This move by the police has made people more
responsible and think twice before driving after a party,” she adds.

Manisha, who recently graduated, welcomes this move with open arms. “People take it for granted that parties take place only on weekends. There have been accidents because of drunk driving during the week too,” she adds.

Priyanka, a student, agrees to that. She says that there are many students who drive after consuming alcohol.

   “Many of them can’t control themselves and cause accidents. Some even end up losing their lives. So, I am glad that the police have started regular checks and hope they keep doing it,” she sums up.