Wedging woes of wearing stilettos

Wedging woes of wearing stilettos

Just wedge it

Wedging woes of wearing stilettos

When in pain from wearing stilettos, switch to the comfy yet stylish wedges, saysSarah Thomas.

For decades women have always turned to stilettos to get the “chic” look. The high heels not only provide height to the fashion conscious girls but they also give a feminine shape to their calves. Be it a party or a simple dinner, gorgeous stilettos always adorn a woman’s heels. But what most of you do not know is that the more space these heels take on your shelves, the more you are risking your health.

Those pointed heels may give you the height you desire, but at the same time it changes your natural posture, the higher the heel the more the exertion on your ankles. There is a possibility that you may sprain your talus. It is not only detrimental to your feet but also affects your lower back and your spine.

Krithika Jankiraman, a student from R.V College said, “I wanted to wear stilettos to look a few inches taller but they always caused trouble. Either it would hurt my ankles or my toes. Only later did a doctor tell me that high heels cause ‘hammertoes’. Since then I don’t wear them.” ‘Hammertoes’ is a condition of the feet in which the toes contract and stay contracted. It happens due to the limited space available in the stilettos for the toes to relax.

There is no doubt that stilettos take a toll on your health. But does that mean you have to spend the rest of your life wearing the not-so fashionable flats! Thanks to the trend of the day, there is an alternative. Most showrooms and footwear stores are stacked with pretty ‘wedges’. They are an answer to all your stiletto problems.

Wedges are shoes or slippers that have thick soles that vary in height. The shape of the sole is triangular such that there is more area near the heel and it tapers towards the other end, near the toes. 

Natalie Stanley, model says, “Since there is more surface area that comes in contact with the floor, it is easier for one to balance oneself. It also lasts longer when compared to high heels.”“It’s funny how girls try to balance themselves on those pointed heels. It makes it very obvious that they are not comfortable. If fashion is not comfortable, it isn’t fashionable at all,” quips Mahesh Karunakaran.

Wedges, also referred to in stores as ‘platform wedges’ have soles made of rubber, wood or jute. They have more padding. The soles of wedges are either diagonal or slanting, giving a slight raise on the heel and sometimes they are flat. It gives you the same feeling of wearing a flat slipper, but with a thicker sole. This makes it even more comfortable. They look extremely pretty on all kinds of feet. There are different kinds of wedges like ‘peep toes’, in which the tip of your toes, rather your nails can be seen. There are pumps-like wedges that cover your entire feet, and then there are boots that come with wedge heels. So, in case you are shopping for the monsoon, you know what kind of boots to buy!

Deeksha Sharma, a student, says “I love flaunting my peep toes. They are the best kind of wedges because they go well on all kinds of attires. Be it churidars, sarees, pants, dresses or skirts.”

From the small shops that line commercial street to the biggest footwear brands, wedges are sold everywhere with a lot of gusto. They are pretty, classy, easy to carry off, and not to forget, the best alternative to stilettos. The added advantage is that they are light on your pocket as well. So, if you have restrained yourself from wearing heels due to the comfort factor or for health reasons, or if you have been over using your stilettos, then it’s time you go shopping and buy yourself a pair of wedges. It’s time to wedge away the woes of wearing stilettos!

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