Keep your sporty knees safe

Whether or not a sportsperson, who has injured his or her knee, can return to the sport depends on how well in time the extent of the injury is detected and how early the repair is begun. The injury to a ligament can be repaired if reported early, but once the tear stretches up to the cartilage, it might get a little too late for a player in competitive sport.

Tendons and ligaments are instruments that hold our joints together, with the meniscus and cartilage that protect them. If a ligament injury persists and treatment is delayed, the injury can extend up to the cartilage. The cartilage once damaged cannot be repaired and may necessitate a joint replacement. In some cases, when treatment is delayed, damaged tissues lose their ability to repair themselves. 

For the rest of us who seek to continue with their daily routine, returning to an almost normal life after a joint replacement surgery may not be too difficult a matter. But for sportspersons, who need to be at the peak of their physical performance, an injury can be career threatening.

 Reporting their injury on time and getting the treatment done in the earliest stage of the injury. is essential. Besides, sportspersons must learn to prevent their bodies from career-threatening injuries. For example, a weight lifter should know how to gradually increase the weight he or she lifts, and the right position they need to keep. Football players should know the right kind of roll down as it takes away the impact on the ligament. 


* Keep your weight in control

* Keep your calcium and Vitamin D intake adequate

* Exercise and keep your knee active

* Wear knee guards or caps during sport activities

* Learn the proper roll out to lessen impact while playing

* Report injury before it’s late


* Don’t use treadmill for running, run on the ground

* Don’t start a heavy workout without a warm up

* Don’t carry very heavy weights

* Don’t ignore any pain or niggle

* In case of pain or unease, don’t play or workout

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