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Last Updated 31 May 2013, 13:51 IST

The number of moderately-priced eateries — each promising exotic cuisine and generous portions — that have sprung up in Koramangala in the last few years has ensured that there’s no dearth of competition in the area.

 But Sayed Nazarullah Rizvi, proprietor of ‘G M Royal Food Arch’, believes that he has an edge over the others, something that will keep his customers coming back: authenticity. The pride of the menu is the biryani and according to Sayed, it’s in a class of its own. “There are many restaurants in the area that serve biryani,” he says. “But here, we give the dish a flavour that’s tough to beat. We understand that biryani depends entirely on the water it is cooked in.
 We also make sure that the meat is of perfect quality and prepare the biryani in the traditional manner that is used at most nikaahs or marriage ceremonies. We make fresh batches twice a day and it’s served with baingan ka bharta and raita.” The fact that his establishment has been doing brisk business is a testimonial to this claim. The eatery itself is tucked into an unassuming by-lane of Ejipura, but the minute one steps into it, they are treated to the fragrance of simmering meat, delicate spices and rich gravies cooked with dry fruits. 
The set-up is simple: a single room with some tables and chairs, cheery furnishings and a window leading into the kitchen, through which piping hot dishes are passed through.  
Business, says Sayed, has been picking up. “There are many PGs and office blocks in the area, so we get a lot of customers. The food is made here and served fresh, which is something that they appreciate. Besides, we have modelled the menu in such a way that there’s a lot of variety,” he explains. The variety he mentions is in terms of the thalis. Unlike most restaurants, which have standard North Indian and South Indian thalis, Sayed tries to offer his customers something different. “We have a different thali on each day of the week. 

The food is homely and the variation is a pleasant change for customers,” he says. Each of the thalis has some standard items, such as tandoori roti, rice, curd and papad. But meat-lovers can indulge in different items like butter chicken, kebab, Mughlai chicken, chicken kurma and chicken handi on different days of the week. The vegetarian thali has a variety of options such as dal tadka, palak paneer, paneer tikka masala and butter aloo. 
The portions are generous, which makes the thali perfect for customers who are looking for a place to eat dinner everyday. The non-vegetarian thali, for instance, includes three different meat-based dishes along with the rice and roti. Besides this, the eatery also offers a range of side-dishes: gobi tandoori, channa masala, aloo palak and paneer pasinda, among others for vegetarians and chicken patiala, mutton keema masala and the like for non-vegetarians. 
‘G M Royal Food Arch’ is located at 1, 2nd Main, Ashwani Layout, Ejipura Inner Ring Road. 

For details, call 8197799364 or 25533109.

(Published 31 May 2013, 13:51 IST)

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