'Face legal action if 'Balaatkari' is credited to me'

'Face legal action if 'Balaatkari' is credited to me'

'Face legal action if 'Balaatkari' is credited to me'

Accusations of misogyny in his songs are no more acceptable to Honey Singh, who has dissociated himself from the controversial song "Main hoon balaatkari". If anyone associates the song with him, he is ready to take legal action.

Last week his lawyer issued public notices in three leading newspapers categorically dissociating him from the controversial song "Main hoon balaatkari" and challenging anyone who claims it to be written, composed or performed by Honey.

The notice reads: "My client Mr.Hirdesh Singh @ Yo Yo Honey Singh condemns the lyrics and the song and impleads the public at large that he has been shown in bad light by some anti-social elements and miscreants to malign his image..."

The notice further goes on to warn these "miscreants" of stern legal action.

Honey Singh said: "The public notices in the three leading newspapers in Punjab are a signal to people in Punjab that I won't take the smearing campaign lying down. I know the mischief originates in my home Punjab. That's where the jealousy and the rivalry started. And now it has spread like a cancer.

"We're taking legal action against all those sections which attribute the 'Balaatkari' song to me."

Honey Singh's legal team has also initiated action against internet-centric attacks on what the singer refers to his "self-respect".

"I've taken enough hurt and insults . And I know where they're coming from. I can't be punished for the success I've achieved. I won't be forced to feel guilty for being where I am. I've a family and I've fans I am responsible towards," he said.
He wants to know why would he do an offensive song at this stage of his career?

"Artists sometimes make mistakes, do the wrong things at the start of their careers. Why would I sing such an offensive song when I've millions of fans? To get attention? That, I already have, more than I can handle.

"A large section of my supporters are women. I've been brought up to respect women. It's time to shut up all the hate campaigners. If anyone writes or says or even implies that I've sung the 'Balaatkari' song , be prepared to face legal consequences."