Disgraceful affair, says Niranjan

Disgraceful affair, says Niranjan

Distressed by the IPL spot-fixing scam, BCCI Vice President Niranjan Shah on Saturday said the scandal has become increasingly “disgraceful” but stopped short of demanding under-fire President N Srinivasan’s resignation.

“It is much regrettable and distressing that the situation is getting aggravated in increasingly disgraceful manner... the matter pertaining resignation of BCCI’s president Mr Srinivasan should rather be a matter between himself and the rules and regulations of the Board,” Shah said in a statement.

Srinivasan’s adamant stand of sticking to his position despite the controversy, prompted Board Treasurer Ajay Shirke and Secretary Sanjay Jagdale to resign in protest on Friday night.

“It should be a concern of all concerned that neither the police investigation nor the judicial proceedings, and nor the proceedings of inquiry commission appointed by the BCCI be adversely affected in any prejudicial manner,” said Shah.

“Objective spirit as also patience and placidity would rather be meaningfully helpful to inquiry and investigations. The culprits will of course be punished under applicable rules and laws.

“But it should be a prime concern that the spirit of cricket and people’s faith, interest and involvement should not be jeopardised,” he added.

Shah called for immediate measures to restore credibility that has been shaken by the scandal. “While BCCI’s incessant role and contribution towards the promotion and popularity of cricket at international level should not be ignored, BCCI should and shall remain vigilant and committed for all necessary measures for the game’s spirit, prestige and popularity,” he said.

“Let us not forget that the cricket is the only sport where India is the world leader and it is followed by millions of people in the country as well as the world with great enthusiasm and love,” he added.