Party leader thrashed at press meet

Party leader thrashed at press meet

Sehajdhari Sikh Party chief Paramjeet Singh Ranu was on Saturday assaulted by the estranged in-laws of a woman with whom he is accused of having a relationship, a charge he has denied.

The woman’s estranged husband and in-laws held a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club to show some CD as “proof” to substantiate their “illicit” relation.

As the CD was being played, Ranu along with the woman reached there to tell their side of the story.

However, Ranu was thrashed in front of the media persons and was later hospitalised with injuries on his face. The woman too was beaten up.

Speaking to reporters, the leader of the Sehajdharis (non-baptised Sikhs) denied allegations of any relationship with the woman.

“In fact, the woman came to me as a patient sometime back. She was under depression and she even levelled allegations of torture and other serious charges against her in-laws,” he said.

“I have always treated her as my real sister. She also has a divorce case pending and the matter is sub-judice before a Chandigarh court, but despite that the in-laws went ahead to hold a press conference on the issue,” he added.

Ranu said that he had got phone calls from some mediapersons informing him about the media conference being held, in which allegations against him were being made.

"I decided to reach there to clear the air from my side. The woman also arrived and we almost reached there at the same time. There was no provocation from our side," he said.

Ranu said he had filed a complaint with regard to this incident.