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Enterprise app store

Can the popularity of the app stores, which primarily peddle consumer software, be replicated for enterprises? The odds seem to be stacked against the idea.

There are difficult intra-company governance and security issues to be tackled. But with the trend of consumerisation of Information Technology taking hold and enterprises becoming more receptive to Bring Your Own Device concept, this could be the next logical step., a new player in the space, provides web-based apps for enterprises to automate workflow.

A company can search for a readily available app that meets its need or build a simple form-based application by itself, a process which does not require coding, or can ask a certified developer to build one for a fee.

Developers can also submit apps, set a price and take home 70% of the revenue. keeps the rest for its services, which includes scrutiny and approval of the apps submitted to its apps store.

Apps run on the cloud and are device agnostic. also provides 5 GB data for users and a dashboard to access data on other storage services such as Google drive, Dropbox and Skydrive. For any app store to click, it has to first overcome a chicken and egg dilemma. Till it builds a critical mass of audience, developers won’t build apps.

Till developers build a critical number of apps, users don’t come. has an advantage in this. Its sister product, a project scheduling software, Gantter, has a user base of 380,000 and growing rapidly. Each Gantter user is a potential consumer of enterprise apps as well. comes from InQuest, which has offices in Providence, USA and Bangalore.