Bride refuses to marry as man fails to count up to 100

Bride refuses to marry as man fails to count up to 100

Bride refuses to marry as man fails to count up to 100

The marriage hall was decorated. The bride all dressed up. The groom too had arrived in a procession. But just before the wedding bells could ring, the bride stunned everyone present by refusing to exchange wedding vows, for the groom had failed to count the small denominations adding up to Rs 101. This was the amount he was supposed to give to the priest before the marriage rituals could begin in right earnest.

The wedding function was organised at a temple in Bihiya in Bihar’s Bhojpur district, some 100 km from the state Capital.

The guests were left dumbfounded when the bride simply refused to budge from her stand that she could not marry a person who does not know the basic counting. Interestingly, the boy hailed from a village called Englishpur in neighbouring Buxar district.

“The girl too is not quite educated. She is a non-matriculate but wanted her would-be-husband to be educated enough. With the groom’s cerebrum exposed, she called off the wedding,” a relative, who was present at the venue, quoted her.

This is the fourth wedding which got cancelled at the last minute in Bhojpur in the last fortnight.

Earlier, a girl called off her wedding on May 26 when she asked her fiancé to write the address of his company on a plain paper. He could not do so and had to extend his bachelorhood. Before their engagement, he had told the girl that he was an assistant manager in a Delhi-based private firm.

In another instance, a girl cancelled her wedding after she found that the prospective groom had ‘low IQ’.

In the third case, the marriage was called off as the groom could not fold his legs while sitting on the ground. This gave rise to suspicion that he was suffering from “physical deformity”.