Be ready for more heat, no rain this week

Be ready for more heat, no rain this week

Though the capital witnessed a marginal dip in maximum temperatures over the weekend, the following week is not expected to be pleasant for the residents.

While the maximum temperature on Sunday hovered around 38 degrees Celsius and the minimum stood at around 26 degrees Celsius, the mercury is predicted to go up to as much as 44 degrees Celsius during mid-week.

Though the sky could be cloudy on some days, chances of rainfall are close to nil and it is only expected to add to the humidity. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will exceptionally be hot with maximum temperature hovering around 44 degrees Celsius.

The Indian Meteorological Department officials said the minimum temperature too will rise and hover around 33 degrees Celsius as the week progresses.

However, the week after this will offer some respite with a dip in both the minimum as well as the maximum temperatures.