We are not just special but brilliant too

We are not just special but brilliant too

The impossible is possible and to prove this adage right and to prove that their physical disabilities are no hurdle, students with disabilities have come out winners in the CBSE results this year.

The Delhi topper with a score of 95.4 per cent is from Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan. Another special student is Diwakar Sharma from DPS, R K Puram, who has scored 94 per cent in best four subjects in Humanities.

Diwakar who is visually-impaired became a household name when he participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champs in 2006.

Talking to Metrolife, Diwakar credit the success to his parents, especially mother. “My parents were very excited with my result. My mother almost cried when she came to know about my marks.”

So, what are your future plans now? “Although I got good marks, I want to pursue my career in music and want to do Music (H) either from Hindu College or Ramjas College. I will be doing more recordings and performances and take up music professionally now.”
Another example of such case is Toorjo Dey from Amity International School, Noida, who suffers from dyslexia and dyscalculia, and has scored 8.8 CGPA (equivalent to 88 per cent) in Class X board examinations.

Although Toorjo was out celebrating with his best friend when Metrolife tried to contact him, his mother shared her experience. “Toorjo learns everything through hearing.
 I read out all the chapters for him and even bought him highlighters. He is also a very hyper-active kid and we know that it is a lifelong struggle for all of us but we never left hope and kept on fighting with the given limitations.”

Did Toorjo ever give up the fight? “Yes, he has often asked me, ‘when others are studying less and getting good marks, why do I have to study so much?’.”

 Toorjo is also a talented Western classical guitarist, pursue Arts and eventually wants to become a Peace Ambassador to the UN.

The proud parent too gave a valuable message for parents of special children. “People should not get deterred by any remarks from others or even teachers. Just see the positive potential of the child and not look at his/her limitations.”

Shreshtha Singhal from Apeejay School, Noida, suffering from epilepsy and took the help of someone else for writing her paper, scored 82.75 per cent in best four in the Commerce. “I was confident that I will do well in the exams and come out with flying colours.”

 Weren’t you skeptical about the other person writing your answers? “No, not at all. I was confident about the person and even her hand-writing was good enough. I never had any issues.”

For those who are heart-broken with their poor performances, these kids are definitely your motivation.