Family got car 2 weeks ago

Family got car 2 weeks ago

Audi Q7, the car which reportedly caused Sunday’s accident, killing a teenager and injuring two others, was registered in the suspect’s mother’s name and was delivered to the family on May 22.

Lokesh L Reddy, father of the suspect, Rajesh, said that he had gifted the brand new car to his wife, Prema, as birthday present. The family had thrown a party on Prema’s birthday. Lokesh said that he didn’t attend the party as he was away at his farm at H Kodi near Whitefield.

He could return home only past midnight and there was no food left. Hence, he asked Rajesh to get him some food from a hotel. Rajesh took the new car. His friends accompanied him. They were heading towards Shivajinagar as hotels remain open there well past midnight, Lokesh said.

Medical test

Meanwhile, Rajesh was subjected to medical examination at Bowring Hospital on Monday evening and his blood samples were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) for further analysis. As the accident occurred a day before, the examination at Bowring Hospital may not conclusively establish that Rajesh was drunk. But FSL would nail him, Saleem hoped.

Yunus Ali, the autorickshaw driver who lost his leg in the accident, will undergo an operation at Mallya Hospital. Karthik, who sustained grievous head injuries, is being treated at Nimhans. A police source said that his condition was critical, although doctors declared him to be out of danger. Karthik’s cousin, Deepak, was killed in the accident.